The schedule of trainings in Moscow


  • 07 February         Anton BezalergennyeNLP Practitioner: the Hidden impact (1 session)
  • February 14        Anton BezalergennyeHow to work with objections
  • February 14        Vyacheslav SalomasSynthon-film "dream"
  • February 16        Vyacheslav SalomasThe training of confidence how to gain confidence as to increase confidence equanimity
  • February 16        Nikolay KozlovrarePersonal life: the pleasure of a close relationship (Petersburg)
  • 18 February        Vyacheslav SalomasHow to easily talk on any subject
  • on February 21        Natalia Prasolov5 easy secrets of learning a foreign language
  • 22 February        Sergey KnyazevrareAwakening: the Tantra path
  • 25 February        Anton BezalergennyeYumorologiya, or how to become an interesting person How to become the soul of the company and to be in the spotlight
  • 28 February        Vyacheslav SalomasBasic training: the opening of new opportunities to live in harmony with yourself to control your life, the centre of practical psychology
  • 28 February        Anton BezalergennyeNLP Practitioner: Speech strategy (session 2)


  • 01 March           Natalia Prasolov5 effective ways of rest
  • 02 March           Evgeny SteshovarareSchool style: beauty secrets
  • 03 March          Antonina OilGame «dream Workshop»
  • 04 March          Elena Troshkina (Ismailova)newHow to find love
  • 04 March          Vyacheslav SalomasHow to say «No»
  • 06 March           Vyacheslav SalomasA successful person: technology achieve the objectives how to become a successful person as to achieve the purpose of the organization of personal time
  • 11 March           Vyacheslav SalomasMind maps: organization of effective thinking
  • 16 March           Vladimir RakovskiyStervologiya: I'm very charming and attractive
  • 21 March            Anton BezalergennyeNLP Practitioner: a self-Programming (session 3)


  • 02 April         Vyacheslav SalomasCharisma as a profession
  • on April 08         Elena Troshkina (Ismailova)Manipulation of the guilt: antivirus
  • April 11         Vyacheslav SalomasFlight How to learn to appreciate life Force and energy of life to achieve the set goals
  • April 13         Vladimir RakovskiyStervologiya: How to seduce, fall in love and to hold men


  • 01 may              Anton BezalergennyerareIntensive Erickson's hypnosis Ericksonian hypnosis for life in just 10 days
  • 18 may              Vladimir RakovskiyrareStervologiya: How to marry a decent man?
  • on may 25              Olga PortnovarareThe effective management of the personnel
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