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Thank You for visiting our virtual office.

We are the Center «Charisma», leader of the training market in the Urals.
Ask " What do you prove it? - See our awards, ratings, read about us and our history.
What interesting things You can find on our website?


1.Look the schedule of open programs. Our principle in the selection of programmes and authors - «Learn from the best». We invite the most famous and popular business trainers of Russia.

2.If You are thinking about ordering a corporate training for Your employees - you must call to our office and request a «Guide to the selection of external training»! It will help You to choose the provider and evaluate learning outcomes. I am sure that our company will reach the final of Your competition providers of training. Therefore we will see a summary of our trainers, programmes and feedback from our clients.

3.Of the new projects I want to draw Your attention to the «Mini MBA», a joint project of the center of Charisma and the Russian school of management. This is the best solution for managers wishing to obtain a high-quality business education, and make a weighty contribution into development of your business.

4.Our virtual SibWebinar continues to hold for You webinars on various topics.

5.Look in the section «Portfolio practice». Here You will find new articles of our authors, collections of Proverbs and quotations.

6.Subscribe on our newsletter and our electronic newspaper «Business day» and we'll inform You about our news and share interesting information.

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