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01 Of june 2016

Uniform add planning is usually necessary for immigration and visa specialists, lawyers and all others involved in helping immigration labor advertising.

immigration labor advertising

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The schedule of trainings in Moscow
01 Of june 2016


  • 07 February         Anton BezalergennyeNLP Practitioner: the Hidden impact (1 session)
  • February 14        Anton BezalergennyeHow to work with objections
  • February 14        Vyacheslav SalomasSynthon-film "dream"
  • February 16        Vyacheslav SalomasThe training of confidence how to gain confidence as to increase confidence equanimity
  • February 16        Nikolay KozlovrarePersonal life: the pleasure of a close relationship (Petersburg)
  • 18 February        Vyacheslav SalomasHow to easily talk on any subject
  • on February 21        Natalia Prasolov5 easy secrets of learning a foreign language
  • 22 February        Sergey KnyazevrareAwakening: the Tantra path
  • 25 February        Anton BezalergennyeYumorologiya, or how to become an interesting person How to become the soul of the company and to be in the spotlight
  • 28 February        Vyacheslav SalomasBasic training: the opening of new opportunities to live in harmony with yourself to control your life, the centre of practical psychology
  • 28 February        Anton BezalergennyeNLP Practitioner: Speech strategy (session 2)


  • 01 March           Natalia Prasolov5 effective ways of rest
  • 02 March           Evgeny SteshovarareSchool style: beauty secrets
  • 03 March          Antonina OilGame «dream Workshop»
  • 04 March          Elena Troshkina (Ismailova)newHow to find love
  • 04 March          Vyacheslav SalomasHow to say «No»
  • 06 March           Vyacheslav SalomasA successful person: technology achieve the objectives how to become a successful person as to achieve the purpose of the organization of personal time
  • 11 March           Vyacheslav SalomasMind maps: organization of effective thinking
  • 16 March           Vladimir RakovskiyStervologiya: I'm very charming and attractive
  • 21 March            Anton BezalergennyeNLP Practitioner: a self-Programming (session 3)


  • 02 April         Vyacheslav SalomasCharisma as a profession
  • on April 08         Elena Troshkina (Ismailova)Manipulation of the guilt: antivirus
  • April 11         Vyacheslav SalomasFlight How to learn to appreciate life Force and energy of life to achieve the set goals
  • April 13         Vladimir RakovskiyStervologiya: How to seduce, fall in love and to hold men


  • 01 may              Anton BezalergennyerareIntensive Erickson's hypnosis Ericksonian hypnosis for life in just 10 days
  • 18 may              Vladimir RakovskiyrareStervologiya: How to marry a decent man?
  • on may 25              Olga PortnovarareThe effective management of the personnel
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Corporate training
01 Of june 2016

The center for Business skills «Charisma» more 14 years successfully works in the field of organization and holding of corporate seminars and trainings. In the staff of Charisma 10 highly qualified trainers, we also have the best consultants and business trainers from all over Russia, with extensive practical experience of personnel training.


During this time we spent corporate trainings and seminars in such companies as: «URSA Bank», «Sibirtelecom», «BPC», «Center of Financial Technologies», «Region trade», «DMS», «Novosibirskenergosbyt», «Katren», Eurodom, «Sovplim-holding», CJSC ZapSibZhASO», «Alfatech», «Novosibirskenergo», «Doors», «Euroset», «MTS», «Pronto Novosibirsk and many others. We provide a full range of services from consultations on the issues of development and personnel training to provide the training and the necessary equipment.


Corporate training enables the participants not only receive relevant information, knowledge and skills in the chosen subjects, but also to discuss with the Advisor features of the solution of the tasks facing the Company.


Program corporate seminars and trainings adapted for all spheres of activity and organizational forms of enterprises, taking into account the individual needs and characteristics of business.


In the course of corporate staff training to solve the following tasks:

  • Organization of team work in the Company as one of the pillars of its market success.
  • Development of business skills of employees, the expansion of their knowledge, skills group work contribute to the creation of a coordinated team.
  • A combination of solutions to current practical issues with work in the future.
  • The training enables employees to acquire knowledge and skills corresponding functions, and to ensure the high potential of the company.
  • The management changes at the Company, overcoming individual group resistance to change.
  • Training of staff directs them to adapt to changing market conditions, allows staff to prepare for innovations that promotes adaptation of the staff. This is precisely the goal used in the process of active learning methods (workshops, case studies, business games, discussions, etc.).
  • Training of the personnel allows the company management to better know their subordinates, to see their potential, and employees - to know better each other.


How will we communicate?


STAGE 1-Preparatory

  • Consultations on building up the system personnel training the company, evaluation of training, the selection criteria, corporate training programs, etc. (on request, free of charge)
  • The filling in of technical assignment for a corporate training
  • Meeting with the coach, clarification of the request
  • Development/adaptation of training programs and manuals
  • The coordination of organizational issues, regulations
  • Result of the stage is consistent TK corporate training programmes (training objectives personnel, tasks that D.B. solved at the output, INF-I'm all about coach adapted training program, steps further development of employees trained under this program).

 2 STAGE Main (Training)

 During the training we use the following methods of group work:

  • Mini-lecture
  • Group discussions
  • Case study
  • Brainstorming
  • Presentations
  • Role and business games
  • Video and audio analysis of game situations

 STAGE 3 Post-training

  • Consultations coach for the implementation of the results of training
  • The master classes (on customer request)
  • Carrying out assessment procedures (by customer request)
  • Report writing (by customer request)


The topic of corporate seminars and trainings

 For TOP-managers


For medium-level managers


For sales managers, sellers and administrators


For marketers, advertisers


For HR-specialists


For trainers


For the whole team

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Business school Komolov and Oblomov
01 Of june 2016

Thank You for visiting our virtual office.

We are the Center «Charisma», leader of the training market in the Urals.
Ask " What do you prove it? - See our awards, ratings, read about us and our history.
What interesting things You can find on our website?


1.Look the schedule of open programs. Our principle in the selection of programmes and authors - «Learn from the best». We invite the most famous and popular business trainers of Russia.

2.If You are thinking about ordering a corporate training for Your employees - you must call to our office and request a «Guide to the selection of external training»! It will help You to choose the provider and evaluate learning outcomes. I am sure that our company will reach the final of Your competition providers of training. Therefore we will see a summary of our trainers, programmes and feedback from our clients.

3.Of the new projects I want to draw Your attention to the «Mini MBA», a joint project of the center of Charisma and the Russian school of management. This is the best solution for managers wishing to obtain a high-quality business education, and make a weighty contribution into development of your business.

4.Our virtual SibWebinar continues to hold for You webinars on various topics.

5.Look in the section «Portfolio practice». Here You will find new articles of our authors, collections of Proverbs and quotations.

6.Subscribe on our newsletter and our electronic newspaper «Business day» and we'll inform You about our news and share interesting information.

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