The Process of Immigration Labor Advertising


perm advertisingImmigration labor advertising often is a tricky endeavor. It takes quite a bit of time – sometimes months or years – for a business to be allowed to have foreign workers enter the United States. Even then, it might still not happen even after applying for a PERM application. If an employer wants to increase chance of eligibility for immigration labor allowances, they usually can do so if they follow the most current guidelines. For instance, any business desiring to hire international workers must first have promoted bona fide positions to United States employees.


perm advertisingThe promotion to locals must be done near the employer using the publication with the highest circulation. It also entails informing the public about job opportunities within 30 days before applying for the right to possibly have immigrant workers enter the country. Some businesses might be disappointed that they are not allowed to have immigrant workers. However, there is a chance that they can reapply. In any case, they can increase the probability of being granted a permanent labor certification if they follow through with the entire application process. The number one priority in doing so is to make sure all paper documentation is complete. Any missing information could delay the government’s decision or cause a denial of the right to hire foreign workers.


perm advertisingOf course, many different scenarios exist in the process of trying to hire international employees. For instance, some companies might think it is easy to pose as a business and present a “bogus” job opportunity. However, all of this is usually carefully compared and contrasted with the standards the Department of Labor has set as far as what is a legitimate job opportunity. Therefore, the likelihood of passing off a “fake” chance at a job is more than likely almost impossible.


perm advertisingAll job descriptions intended for PERM certification ads before trying to hire foreign workers must be carefully worded. They usually require a detailed description of the salary, job duties, qualifications and other attributes such as level of education as far as what is necessary to successfully fulfill a position. If anyone has any question about the legitimacy of a position, it is evident on various sites such as the Department of Labor and the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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