Jobs Often Filled by Immigrants


immigration labor advertisingMany companies use immigration labor advertising to bring new help into their doors. A wide variety of jobs are filled by immigrants, so the ads and specific visa requirements vary accordingly. Here are some of the top industries that need to advertise for people to move to the United States to get their jobs: Technology The high-tech industry is well-known for looking to countries like India, Japan, and China for skilled labor. Typically, engineers of various types are brought in to design electronic equipment, write code for programs, and handle advanced debugging tasks.


immigration labor advertisingWorkers of this sort are, according to their employers, able to fill positions that they can't find qualified Americans for. They are eligible for some of the best visas, including ones that grant permanent residency, but the criteria for getting these visas are in the strictest category. Architecture This is another area in which skilled engineers are sought. They help architectural teams figure out the physical requirements of the buildings they want to build and the municipal projects they want to do. As with technology professionals, the most qualified applicants may be eligible for the best visas.


immigration labor advertisingBusiness It's harder to convince the immigration department that a business professional is absolutely necessary than it is to do it for a more specialized position, but it can still be worth it for American employers to bring them in. This is especially true if the business in question has an international arm that requires someone who understands a particular foreign culture. Visas for these pros usually fall into a category below those of technical specialists.


immigration labor advertisingAgriculture There's no easy road to permanent residency or citizenship for a general agricultural laborer, and those who hire them won't be able to promise such. However, there are plenty of fruit-picking jobs out there, and they are often filled with South American laborers. A temporary visa gets the person in for one or more growing seasons, and the worker will have to get that visa renewed in order to get more work in the United States. For these workers, the draw isn't a chance at citizenship. Instead, they come for the pay, which is higher than they would make by doing the same thing at home. Since the requirements for these categories of workers are so different, it's important to aim ads at the right segments of the populations. Hire an agency that is used to helping employers find foreign personnel so that recruitment money is used effectively.

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