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Indroduction to Immigration Labor Advertising
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immigration adsImmigration labor advertising usually requires several steps before allowing foreign workers into the United States. Not all ETA for 9089 applications for allowing international workers across U.S. borders are accepted, either. It can take months or even years for employers to have the right to hire immigrant workers. They must first publish recruitment ads to U.S. job applicants before recruiting foreigners. This process usually is faster, however, if the employer has complied with all standards set by the Department of Labor, State Workforce Agency, and related government offices.


immigration adsFor instance, documentation is usually required to prove that certain job opportunities do exist. This verification process usually is completed as job postings comply with standards set by the Department of Labor. For instance, job recruitment ads usually offer the salary as set by the National Prevailing Wage enter, and the job descriptions are similar to what is printed on the Bureau of Labor Statistics site. State-run job centers and private employment agencies are probably the best examples of what a legitimate job offer should look like.


immigration adsThe duties expected of a job applicant, the qualifications, and the wages are usually displayed in these ads. A brief version of this is also published in a newspaper that the general public would normally read. Documentation when applying for the right to hire foreign workers is usually required. Some of it is not sent online if an employer does file electronically, though. Oftentimes, this information is sent separately. In any case, filing an application that allows foreign workers in the U.S. requires completing a 9089 form online or in print form.


immigration adsThis document usually requires a sufficient amount of personal information, and this sometimes leaves room for error. If the ETA form 9089 application is not filled out properly or not all supporting documentation is provided, it can delay approval decisions. Furthermore, denial could take place if certain conditions are not met. For instance, a company must have posted Sunday ads at least 30-180 days before having filed the PERM labor certification form or posting immigration labor advertising to foreign workers. The process of hiring immigration workers usually is faster if employers file online. However, it all depends on whether or not the proper supporting papers are provided. If a company can prove it would benefit from hiring foreign workers, this decision is usually made by certifying officers.

Immigration Labor Advertising Guidelines
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immigration adsImmigration labor advertising can help a company find skills they otherwise could not fill. This often is done as a way to bring diversity into the workplace. However, strict rules apply when seeking foreign people who are qualified to work in the United States. Usually, it takes some time to determine why a company wants to hire people who were not born in the United States. It could be for any number of reasons, but one primary purpose is to bring new skills into the country that a company otherwise would not have the opportunity to acquire.


immigration adsHowever, the Department of Labor, State Workforce Agency and related entities have standards regarding this. One of the concerns is that people are paid a fair wage. In the process, the U.S. government discourages companies from trying to hire people for cheaper wages than someone who is a U.S. citizen. This standard is set by the National Prevailing Wage Center. In addition to governing the wages offered to foreign workers, the timing in which immigrant labor advertising is posted is also monitored. In fact, offering jobs to U.S. workers is required before even posting new opportunities to international job candidates.


immigration adsThis usually includes verification that a position being offered is legitimate. It also entails a detailed job order complete with description of job responsibilities and list of qualifications that workers must have. Once the quest for making job opportunities available to U.S. workers is complete, the next step is to apply for immigrant labor certification. This process is usually completed within 30-180 days of posting recruitment ads. These promotions are usually published in newspapers, at job centers, on career sites, or on bulletin boards. The process of being approved for hiring foreign workers takes time, however. It also requires a variety of steps such as submitting an online application for PERM labor certification approval.


immigration adsOtherwise, it involves filling out documentation needed for hiring job candidates who obtain a work visa. Information required includes company name, address, phone number, ownership data and more. It also entails offering documentation that supports legitimacy of the kinds of positions being advertised. Usually, people who have already applied for a work visa are the kind of people who seek permanent U.S. citizenship. However, it also could be a temporary work order that foreigners receive. In any case, agencies that manage immigration labor advertising campaigns usually know what is expected by the U.S. government. They are careful to design recruitment ads that comply with Department of Labor standards.

The Process of Immigration Labor Advertising
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perm advertisingImmigration labor advertising often is a tricky endeavor. It takes quite a bit of time – sometimes months or years – for a business to be allowed to have foreign workers enter the United States. Even then, it might still not happen even after applying for a PERM application. If an employer wants to increase chance of eligibility for immigration labor allowances, they usually can do so if they follow the most current guidelines. For instance, any business desiring to hire international workers must first have promoted bona fide positions to United States employees.


perm advertisingThe promotion to locals must be done near the employer using the publication with the highest circulation. It also entails informing the public about job opportunities within 30 days before applying for the right to possibly have immigrant workers enter the country. Some businesses might be disappointed that they are not allowed to have immigrant workers. However, there is a chance that they can reapply. In any case, they can increase the probability of being granted a permanent labor certification if they follow through with the entire application process. The number one priority in doing so is to make sure all paper documentation is complete. Any missing information could delay the government’s decision or cause a denial of the right to hire foreign workers.


perm advertisingOf course, many different scenarios exist in the process of trying to hire international employees. For instance, some companies might think it is easy to pose as a business and present a “bogus” job opportunity. However, all of this is usually carefully compared and contrasted with the standards the Department of Labor has set as far as what is a legitimate job opportunity. Therefore, the likelihood of passing off a “fake” chance at a job is more than likely almost impossible.


perm advertisingAll job descriptions intended for PERM certification ads before trying to hire foreign workers must be carefully worded. They usually require a detailed description of the salary, job duties, qualifications and other attributes such as level of education as far as what is necessary to successfully fulfill a position. If anyone has any question about the legitimacy of a position, it is evident on various sites such as the Department of Labor and the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

When Does an Employer Have to Hire a Domestic Employee?
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immigration labor advertisingEmployers looking into hiring immigration labor should be aware that they are generally required to look for and consider a domestic employee first. A domestic employee will need to be available, qualified, willing, and able to perform the functions of the position -- but if such a domestic employee is available, an immigrant cannot be hired for the position. Finding a Domestic Employee The immigration labor advertising process is designed to ensure that there are no domestic employees available for the position. The employer will need to post ads in the classifieds, local Sunday paper, and other resources, in order to advertise the position.


immigration labor advertisingThe position needs to be advertised exactly as it would be presented to an immigrant and it should not be tailored to a specific individual's qualifications. The position should also pay the same amount that the immigrant would make, which will need to be an average amount for the position in the United States. The Requirements of a Domestic Employee If there are employees available that meet all of the following requirements, the employer will likely have their application to hire an immigrant employee denied. The requirements are as follows:


immigration labor advertisingQualified. The employer will need to make a list of qualifications that the position demands. The immigrant that is being hired will need to meet these qualifications -- but the employer will also need to consider domestic employees who also meet these qualifications. Willing. The employer will need to offer the position to an employee and the employee will need to accept the job offer. If there are employees available but all of them decline the offer, the employer may still be able to hire an immigrant employee. Able. The employee must be able to complete the tasks involved for the position, as must the immigrant that is also being considered.


immigration labor advertisingAvailable. Naturally, the employee must also be available to start the job by the time necessary. The immigrant will also be held to the same time frame. If an employer finds a domestic employee who is qualified, willing, able, and available -- usually through the advertising process -- they will need to hire an American to fill the position. Though they do not need to hire that individual specifically, they cannot hire an immigrant to fulfill a position that an American would be able to suitably take.

Jobs Often Filled by Immigrants
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immigration labor advertisingMany companies use immigration labor advertising to bring new help into their doors. A wide variety of jobs are filled by immigrants, so the ads and specific visa requirements vary accordingly. Here are some of the top industries that need to advertise for people to move to the United States to get their jobs: Technology The high-tech industry is well-known for looking to countries like India, Japan, and China for skilled labor. Typically, engineers of various types are brought in to design electronic equipment, write code for programs, and handle advanced debugging tasks.


immigration labor advertisingWorkers of this sort are, according to their employers, able to fill positions that they can't find qualified Americans for. They are eligible for some of the best visas, including ones that grant permanent residency, but the criteria for getting these visas are in the strictest category. Architecture This is another area in which skilled engineers are sought. They help architectural teams figure out the physical requirements of the buildings they want to build and the municipal projects they want to do. As with technology professionals, the most qualified applicants may be eligible for the best visas.


immigration labor advertisingBusiness It's harder to convince the immigration department that a business professional is absolutely necessary than it is to do it for a more specialized position, but it can still be worth it for American employers to bring them in. This is especially true if the business in question has an international arm that requires someone who understands a particular foreign culture. Visas for these pros usually fall into a category below those of technical specialists.


immigration labor advertisingAgriculture There's no easy road to permanent residency or citizenship for a general agricultural laborer, and those who hire them won't be able to promise such. However, there are plenty of fruit-picking jobs out there, and they are often filled with South American laborers. A temporary visa gets the person in for one or more growing seasons, and the worker will have to get that visa renewed in order to get more work in the United States. For these workers, the draw isn't a chance at citizenship. Instead, they come for the pay, which is higher than they would make by doing the same thing at home. Since the requirements for these categories of workers are so different, it's important to aim ads at the right segments of the populations. Hire an agency that is used to helping employers find foreign personnel so that recruitment money is used effectively.

Reasons to Consider Immigration Labor Advertising
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immigration labor advertisingImmigration labor jobs aren’t quite like the traditional job listings one may see in a newspaper or online. These jobs are generally not open to everybody. Even for those who are eligible, there are a set of requirements that must be met for a job candidate to be considered. Therefore, those who are looking for an ad firm that does immigration labor advertising cannot choose just any company. Such a firm must understand immigration employment laws and draw up an ad that meets any necessary requirements.


immigration labor advertisingFor an immigrant to get a green card in the United States, they have to go through a process known as the Program Electronic Review Management or PERM. Only once they get their PERM labor certification are they true citizens of the country. To finish the PERM program and get one’s certification though, these immigrants must find a job. As mentioned, this cannot be just any job. It must be one found through a specialized listing or advertisement. This is where the labor ads come into play. These ads may be seen at local colleges, on the radio, in magazines and local newspapers, and online.


immigration labor advertisingThose who need a labor ad for immigrant employment should choose a firm that has specialized in these and other immigration ads for decades. Here are some reasons to choose such a firm. Firms that specialize in immigration labor ads typically understand the PERM certification process inside and out. As mentioned, these types of ads have very specific requirements, such as the form of media, where the ads can be placed, and for how long they’re relevant. A firm that focuses on these ads knows all these rules already and will be sure to follow them.


immigration labor advertisingThis allows an employer to find the employees they need faster without having to worry that their ad may be rejected for not following the rules. These ad firms also have clout. They can spread the ad to various media, as mentioned, including the radio and the Internet. An employer can probably post a job listing online themselves, but not for free in all instances. By hiring an immigration ad firm like this, the employer knows they’re getting more for their money since the ad will also be placed around college campuses and in newspapers. Those who want to learn more about immigration law ads and getting one designed for their workplace should contact a local specialty ad agency today.

Immigration Labor Advertising for Foreign Work Programs
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immigration advertising

Understanding immigration labor advertising can be a complicated process. However, many updates are provided concerning this. For instance, webinars such as ones held by the Department’s Office of Foreign Labor Certification addresses issues pertaining to hiring foreign labor.

The procedure for receiving permission to hire international workers varies depending on the kind of program. For instance, some employers might apply for PERM certifications that allow international job applicants to work permanently in the United States. However, other companies might just require temporary contractors to provide specific skills for short-term projects. In some cases, permanent labor certification ads college students might also receive temporary work visas when entering the United States borders.

In every case, there are slightly different requirements. However, every program has some similar guidelines. Some of the most important stipulations include information about how and when to advertise employment opportunities to people who live overseas.

immigration advertising

Whether temporary or permanent work, one primary concern is about the types of opportunities promoted. They must be legitimate “help wanted” postings as outlined by the Department of Labor and related agencies. Along with this, the work advertised must include a description of all job duties in the work order. It also must include details about what kinds of skills, experience and training is necessary for the position to be filled.

The OFLC is one organization besides the DOL that offers plenty of resources for companies applying for labor certifications. This process often takes a while – from several months to several years. However, many factors contribute to how soon a company is approved for allowing temporary or permanent laborers into the U.S.

permanent labor certification ads

Government webinars are often scheduled to cover all aspects of requesting the right to hire foreign workers. These clarify the legal as well as technical part of the labor certification process. Employers usually are well-informed whether it be concerning how to fill out a 9089 for PERM authorization or the H-2A or H-2B temporary labor forms.

When filing for approval to hire foreign workers, one contributing factor to having the application accepted is in how it is completed. This procedure usually is shortened when the employer provides all necessary details as soon as possible and correctly the first time. This issue often requires hiring a professional lawyer and perhaps an ad agency to produce properly-formatted “help wanted” ads.

Considerations to Make Before Getting Immigration Labor Advertising
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immigration labor advertising

For those people coming from another country who want to settle in the United States and work, they have to go through the U.S. Department of Labor to get a green card. The Department of Labor will make a prevailing wage determination that will let an immigrant know what kind of job and income they can expect once they start working. Once they have an idea where they’ll be located, they will have to start applying to jobs in that area.

To find those jobs, companies hiring green card holders have to display advertisements aimed at these immigrants. However, not just any ad will do. Here are some considerations to keep in mind before hiring a Los Angeles, California ad company to produce immigration labor advertising.

PERM advertising

First, this firm must specialize in PERM ads. These ads appeal to a different audience than most job advertisements, and an ad company must be able to reflect such in their work. The prints ads and radio spots that attract green card job candidates may even have to be approved by the Department of Labor.

permanent labor certification ads

Therefore, an ad company also has to know the rules of PERM ads. These are only for green card holders and not for American citizens. The ads have to be run in a newspaper, but the paper has to be big enough that most residents in Los Angeles or another target city would read it. These are only relevant for 180 days. The ad must appear at least twice to appeal to the most job candidates. PERM recruitment ads It must be placed in the state in which the PERM employee applied for their prevailing wage request and received their prevailing wage determination.

It helps if the ad firm has connections. While the audience for a PERM ad may be smaller compared to most commercial advertisements, a good ad firm will have newspaper and other media companies they can reach out to right away to discuss running a PERM ad. Experts recommend that all ads, from Internet to radio to newspaper, are released all at once, so an ad firm has to be able to make that happen.

Lastly, the ad firm needs to be able to produce ads for a variety of media. As mentioned, ads may run online, on the radio, and in the newspaper, but they may appear in even more media still. Expect to see ads in university career centers, journals, magazines, job websites, and state job bank websites.

The Need for Labor Certification Recruitment Ads
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immigration labor advertisingBefore an application can be filed with the Department of Labor, the employer is responsible conducting a series of recruitment opportunities to American workers immigration labor advertising. The purpose of this process is to illustrate that no American workers will be displaced by hiring an immigrant worker.

Most of the jobs that employers will be advertising will fall under one of two categories: professional or non-professional occupations. The difference between these is that professional occupations generally require the minimum a bachelor’s degree. Some jobs listed by the Department of Labor (DOL) do not require a bachelor’s degree and are still listed as professional occupations, so it’s wise to check the DOL listings prior to launching a recruitment campaign.

Mandatory Labor Certification Recruitment Ads Process



immigration labor advertising

The DOL has listed a series of mandatory recruitment tasks involving both professional and non-professional jobs which will be involved with a PERM application. In order, those tasks are:

immigration labor advertising

  1. Job Order. An employer is required to place a job order for a period of 30 days to make the job available to American workers. The start and end dates of the job order help serve as a method of documenting this step of the process, which will be required later on during the DOL application process.
  2. Advertising in Professional Journals. Employers are also required to advertise the job posting in professional journals and newspapers. This requirement is to help reach an even wider audience of potential job applicants in the local and national level, depending on the scope of the occupation. Jobs that are located in rural areas that do not have a newspaper should still publish the job application in the nearest publication that is distributed in the rural area.
  3. In-House Posting. The DOL requires that the job application is also posted internally for a period of 10 consecutive business days. Doing so will allow existing employees to be considered for the job application. The internal posting is required to have the same information as the external job posting. Evidence of the internal job posting must be reported to the DOL.

immigration labor advertising

Each of these tasks must be completed and there will need to be evidence that the process has been completed satisfactorily. Using a professional advertising agency to help with the recruitment process will help ensure the acceptance of your DOL application. It’s highly recommended that all legal firms and businesses work with a professional advertising agency prior to help provide acceptance of these campaigns.  

Hiring Foreign Workers
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immigration labor advertisingImmigrants can be great sources of skilled and unskilled labor, but finding the right ones is often difficult for the companies who would hire them. For this reason, it's important to take the same care as one would when hiring domestic workers. Here are a few things that can be done to bring the right people to the door:

Advertise for Specific Qualifications

Just like with domestic employment advertising, it's important to say exactly what qualifications are needed for the job. A simple "help wanted" ad doesn't give enough information and will bring in calls from all and sundry. Also, be sure to use the language of the targeted immigrant group in all messaging.

Put the Ads in the Right Places

immigration labor advertising

Immigration labor advertising shouldn't be limited to the countries being targeted. It's a good idea to make sure they appear in parts of the USA where there are already plenty of immigrants from the targeted area. Even if they don't have the needed qualifications, some of them likely know of a person back home who'll be perfect for the job. Some who are already here may be qualified, as well.

Use Interviewers Who Speak the Proper Language

immigration labor advertisingWhen people start contacting the company for more information, they need to be able to understand the person on the other end of the phone. They'll also need to be able to communicate with the person who makes the hiring decisions. Finding someone who can communicate in the target language may or may not be easy. Popular languages like Spanish are no problem, but if someone has to be able to speak in Tagalog, start searching for a contact person farther in advance.

Be Ready to Handle the Administrative Aspects

The United States government has several requirements for bringing someone into the country to work. These requirements vary depending on the type of job that will be filled. General laborers and other unskilled workers only need a work visa, but these visas expire and the person will eventually have to go back to his or her home country.

immigration labor advertising

Highly skilled workers can go through a different process, and in this one, the hiring company is an essential part of the process. That's because this process leads to citizenship. If hiring skilled workers under this program, start the process several months before the need is critical. The government is far more careful when an immigrant is intending to stay.

4 Common PERM Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Foreign Employee
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immigration labor advertisingWhen seeking to employ a foreign worker in the United States, all employers must go through what's known as the PERM process or labor certification process. The purpose is to provide the foreign worker with the green card he or she needs to legally live and work in the country. Unfortunately, due to the complex PERM process, there are many common mistakes that employers tend to make when looking to hire a foreign employee.

Failure to Understand Advertising Rules

Individual states tend to have strict laws and regulations when it comes to immigration labor advertising. For example, many states require that immigration labor ads be placed only on certain days of the week (with Sundays being the most common). Therefore, if it turns out that an employee was referred by an ad that was run outside of the state's legal regulations, the green card application may very well be denied.

Forgetting to Reply to a DOL Survey

immigration labor advertisingA lot of times, the United States Department of Labor will send out questionnaires and surveys to employers looking to hire a foreign employee on a green card. Unfortunately, many employers fail to realize that responding to these surveys is not an option; it's a requirement. Failing to reply to these surveys can result in the application being denied altogether, so employers should keep a close watch on their inboxes during the PERM process.

Getting Rid of Documentation Too Soon

In most cases, employers are required to keep all PERM-related documentation readily available for at least five years following the employee's application approval. However, many employers fail to realize this and will thus get rid of this documentation as soon as the application is approved. It's important to keep these documents in a safe place for as long as is legally required so as to avoid problems down the road.

immigration labor advertising

Forgetting to Include Supervisor Information

Finally, when completing a PERM application, employers must be especially careful to ensure that they have included all pertinent information about the worker's past employment. This includes supervisor names and phone numbers (or other contact information as permitted).

immigration labor advertising

By avoiding these mistakes while going through the often-complex PERM process, one can avoid a denial and move on with hiring their new employees more quickly. Furthermore, they can avoid potential fines and penalties often faced in the process.